Van Der Valk Golf Resort Inverness
vacation rental & property management
Inverness, Florida.

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Who We Are
We are a local Property Management Company in Inverness, FL.  We manage Short Term rentals for our clients.  Golf Resort Inverness Managers work with Van Der Valk Realty to meet our client's long term rental needs.  We are committed to marketing the Inverness – Crystal River area and have lived in Inverness for 20 years.  

Our Goal
Our goal is to provide exceptional property management services to property owners in the Inverness – Crystal River area. We combine aggressive advertising and marketing with intelligent cost control to keep our rental income split lower than the competition.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is very simple, we promise to do our best to promote your property and protect your investment.  Hard work and dedication is what it takes to bring our best to our owners.  All departments, from housekeeping to accounting, are working to produce the rental income your property deserves. The following is a list of our commitments to you and to the rental success of your property. We manage from an owner’s point of view!

Van Der Valk Golf Resort Inverness services include...
    * Low Management Fees to the Owner.
    * Accounting- Monthly Income and Expense statements with Owner’s split paid monthly.
    * We treat our Property Owners as if you were partners in our business and strive to make your experience with us enjoyable.  We are confident that you will recommend us to your friends.
    * Marketing department aggressively promoting and marketing properties in an effort to increase exposure and rental revenues
    * We pay all rental costs associated with travel agents, wholesalers, and credit card fees.
    * Bi-weekly property security checks and other Property Management Services are available on request.
    * Optional Personalized services include pool chemical and maintenance, yard care, grocery shopping, golf membership and tee-time reservations, restaurant recommendations, and much more.

To be accepted into our short term rental program...
Van Der Valk Golf Resort Inverness understands the importance of selecting the right property management company. We feel the same way about selecting the right properties to represent. To become a partner with Van Der Valk Golf Resort Inverness, we require the following:

    * Well maintained property:  carpet, paint and furnishings must be kept in good condition
    * High quality furnishings and appliances.
    * Utilities paid and operating:  telephone, heat, electric, cable, etc.
    * Owner's maintain a reserve account for unexpected expenses
    * Satisfactory home liability, content and structure insurance
    * Maintain open communication with Van Der Valk Golf Resort Inverness on requests for owner or owner guest use of property
    * Allow Van Der Valk Golf Resort Inverness to photograph and aggressively advertise property
    * Meet Van Der Valk Golf Resort Inverness inventory and furnishing standards

With Van Der Valk Golf Resort Inverness, your property is in the best hands possible. We're here to take care of all of your needs with homeowner services like nightly vacation rental revenue, maintenance, and housekeeping. By handling all of these details, we give second homeowners, like yourself, peace of mind and the comfort of knowing your investment is generating revenue, being cared for, monitored, and cleaned on a regular basis. All operations, including capital planning, budgets, and oversight of daily operations, have a long-term focus on increasing unit and property values. Just like you, we're in this for the long haul and want to make your experience with Van Der Valk Golf Resort Inverness effortless.

Rental guests can begin their reservations process online at any hour, from anywhere in the world. Our Online Booking System is easy and efficient. When guests are ready to book a home or villa, all they need do is book online or call the toll-free number displayed next to it on the website - or send an e-mail, and a courteous professional reservation agent will call them back. We've made it easy and fun, just a prelude to their visit here.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Call us or click here for more info.

If you are interested in joining our nightly rental program and having your property displayed on our website property portfolio, please call 352-637-1140 or email [email protected]  for information, contracts, and answers to any of your questions.