Inverness, FL Vacation Homes for Sale

1315 N Timucuan Trail 1325 N Timucuan Trail 1437 North Fxrun Trail New Construction
$229,000 $259,000 $299,000 starting at $199,000

At Van Der Valk Realty, we offer the absolute best in location – all of our Inverness, FL vacation homes for sale are ideally situated in the vicinity and around the Challenging Lakeside Golf Course as close as 5 miles from downtown Inverness with its shoppes and restaurants. Crystal River is a 20-minute drive.
Our team can assist you with all of your real estate needs including the sale of your Orlando vacation home, buying or building your own custom vacation home. At Van Der Valk Realty we have a distinct advantage in experience, background and most of all knowledge of the vacation home rental industry because both Van Der Valk Realty and Van Der Valk Golf Resort Inverness have specialized in the sale, management and marketing of Inverness – Crystal River, Florida vacation homes since 1999.
Our experienced team, along with our sister companies Van Der Valk Realty Golf Resort Inverness, can assist you with your dream vacation home! It’s very important to select the right management company. Our team is ready to serve you and to help guide you through the process of owning, marketing and managing your vacation home.
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4550 Windmill Drive #102 1301 N Timucuan Trail 4256 E Bennett Street 887 N Rembrandt Way
$125,000 $299,000 $249,000 $99,000